Water Cooled chiller

eChiller with water R718 as refrigerant

Water is the most natural thing we have. Water also has 8 times more energy absorption capacity than other refrigerants. Choosing an eChiller with R718 is therefore an energy efficient and environmentally friendly choice.
F-gas directive & EN378 does not apply

The directives are not applicable due to natural refrigerant water and that the cooling process is below atmospheric pressure

Environmentally friendly with 100% water

No direct greenhouse gas emissions: GWP = 0, ODP = 0. Refrigerant at a low price

Reliable & profitable

Free from flammable, toxic and foul-smelling gas. Free from compressor oil. Unregulated installation and low maintenance work.

Clean Cooling with water R718

eChiller with BlueZero - Natural, safe och sustainable.

  • Chiller unit with natural refrigerant water R718 in a closed process under atmospheric pressure.

  • Free from acidifying, greenhouse, toxic or flammable gases.

  • Cooling capacity up to 120 kW and scalable up to 1000 kW.

  • Cooling temperatures of 12°C up to 28°C.

  • The F-gas regulation and EN 378 do not apply.

  • Applications: industry, data center and buildings.

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We deliver to the designated place.


As support and to ensure quality of operation.

Service agreement

With service visits during the product's warranty period.

Spare Parts

For the products we sell.

Phase down of F-gases - 2030

From the reference year 2015 to 2030, the amount of manufactured CO2 equivalents for F-gas will be reduced by 79% in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means that products that use F-gas will be more expensive. Maintenance and repair will increase in cost, as the supply of F-gas will decrease. F-gas will probably be limited to applications where it is most necessary.

A major change is currently taking place in the market, where new refrigerants, with less climate impact, are being developed at a rapid pace to replace F-gases with a higher impact on the climate.


The technology already exists to completely exclude F-gas in many applications. For example for cooling in data centers / server halls, industries and properties. The market just needs to be aware of it.

By finding and conducting sales of sustainable and environmentally friendly machines for cooling and heating, we contribute to the market sustainable and future-proof solutions.

Read more about F-gas at www.alltomfgas.se


NORDCLI AB is a reseller of safe and environmentally friendly cooling machines. For these, we offer support to consultants, installers and end users.
We also offer services such as commissioning and service visits during the warranty period.
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